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Hopeless idealist who believes that we all can live our ultimate lives. Asks “Why?” a lot. YouTube ➜
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Scrolling through Instagram started feeling like getting on a funfair ride — the first few minutes are great but, if you stay for too long, you start feeling sick.

Ten months ago

I hurriedly turned the app off and threw my mobile in a drawer. My thoughts were racing as if someone had just turned up a dial on my already overactive brain. I was thinking about everything and yet I couldn’t identify any specific train of thought. I blinked my eyes several times to get rid of the mental fog and to really see where I was — “to ground myself”, as…

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I was laying on the floor, paralysed by the fear of aggravating the ball of pain behind my eye or causing another violent wave of nausea, when an idea came to my head.

In my imagination, I constructed a “migraine button” that I could press every time I had a migraine attack triggering a notification delivered to all people of some significance in my life. The message would advise that, due to a migraine, I had to temporarily cancel all my plans and pause responsibilities so I could focus every bit of energy I had left on getting through the…

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I’ve been (self)unemployed for 17 months.

After I quit my career in the corporate world, I planned to take two months off and find another job. However, the plan failed, and I’m delighted it did because I’ve had the best time of my life.

I’m well aware that being jobless can be the most challenging and darkest time for most. Quitting, getting fired, being made redundant or graduating to a recession market is a shock to the system that no one prefers us for. We’re taught how to work, not how to live, and 2020 tested us real hard on…

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I live in a country where over-apologising seems to be in people’s DNA. I’m also a woman which means that, statistically, I perceive more things as wrongdoings and, therefore, tend to say “sorry” more frequently than men. In short, I apologise more than need and would like to.

Being able to express remorse for our mistakes is an important life skill but I don’t want to throw my sorries left and right without consideration. This is why I’ve started to “un-sorry” myself and I avoid saying the words unless I have a strong and legitimate reason to. The trouble is…

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As I write this, I have exercised every single day for more than seven months. Correction: seven months minus two days.

Still, it’s approximately 700% better than my workout frequency several months ago and it is one of the biggest accomplishments of my life.

I had wanted to build a habit of exercising every day for many years. I was always impressed with individuals who exercised daily ever since, as a teenager, I came across the ancient Greek ideal kalos kai agathos — the beautiful and the goodoften compared to the latin saying “healthy soul in healthy body”.

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I was going to entitle this article “How to Get 500 Subscribers on YouTube,” but I realised that I don’t have clear step-by-step instructions or a proven recipe for you. My YouTube journey has not been a direct journey from A to B (or 0 to 500). If I were to draw it, it would be more of a squiggle than a straight line.

I love that. And think there’s a lot of value in unconventional tours. …

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The 1st of October is officially making it into my 2020 highlights. It was on that Thursday that I decided to go live on YouTube for the first time.

Overall, I’m happy with how I did and proud of myself for jumping miles outside my comfort zone. However, I wouldn’t say I had a smooth run and that I aced my first time on the air — partly because I struggled to find answers to some basic questions (at least to me) on how to set up a successful live event on YouTube.

I’m here to share with you all…

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Cookies regularly serve me variations of this title on Medium: “How Much I Made From X Views on YouTube.” The numbers change, but the gist is the same: someone reveals the monetary secret behind their YouTube career. Or behind one viral video.

These kinds of articles tend to do well. We want to consume this content because there’s an element of mystery, and it’s twofold.

Firstly, being a YouTuber is still considered a relatively new career and, certainly, one that doesn’t have a set job description. As a content creator on YouTube, it’s up to you to define your own…

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Last year, I took one of the riskiest decisions in my life: I quit my safe job, working in a corporation in London.

It wasn’t only to find another job. Resigning from that position was the beginning of one of the most important projects I have ever undertaken: a total reconstruction of my life.

This involved escaping the “rat race” and rebranding my career and finding out who I really am, what I truly want, and my purpose. …

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I come from an environment where being honest means launching an attack on someone. If you grow up like this, you can end up being unable to form sincere and close relationships. This is because sincerity and closeness requires a dose of vulnerability (even pain at times) and both of these are often things we’d rather avoid in our lives.

If, however, we considered honest feedback, as painful as it might be to receive, as an act of kindness, we are unlocking a potential for an unlimited depth and strength of any relationship we might have now and in the…

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